Saturday, September 23, 2006

Moving from Blogger

I played around. I liked it. Then I tried Wordpress. It's better. So much better. So, Not Little England is no more. Now, we have Voting TaKtiX. And we like it. Oh boy do we like it.

But, I think I might keep this place. Could use it for occasional personal musings, or some more partizan stuff that doesn't fit there. Not sure. But, for now, Wordpress rules. Some drawbacks and flaws, but it just works, which is all that matters.

ETA 19th March 2008: Heh, "I might use this". Nah, I went back to my first home, now most of my writing is at my journal, although I've been known to write on occasions at Liberal Conspiracy and Lib Dem Voice. Voting TaKtiX is on hiatus indefinitely, but the archive remains pretty good.

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